Work With Me

I’m passionate about giving in order to create something meaningful for myself and others. That being said, in order to fulfil this ambition, sharing and collaboration are two cornerstones of achieving this goal.

If this is something interests you, please see below how we can work together:

  1. Product and merchandise reviews. If you think you have something that would be a crime not to share with the travel and healthy lifestyle community, let me know and I’ll give my honest 2 cents.
  2. Location and accommodation reviews. I’ve been around the world a couple of times with many trips in between. I have relied heavily on honest and informative reviews of destinations and accommodation. Let me know if you if you would like to featured.
  3. Guest posts. Scrolling millions of blogs to find the gems can be time consuming. In keeping with sharing, I love highlighting the diamonds in the rough, so if you’re a blogger/company/all round great person, drop me a line if you have some quality content that just needs to be shared.

Always down to chat, learn and share about travel and all things interesting. Send me an email at, or fill in the form below and I’ll get right back to you.

Would love to hear from you. Let’s see how we can create something amazing.