Where in the world have I been. Do you really care?

I wanted to dedicate this section to an honest recollection and description of travels and adventures from around the world.

So why not talk everything up and make it seem like you did the most amazing things you ask?


Life isn’t a fairy tale, and neither are my stories.

Travelling is fun, arduous, hilarious, depressing, and the time of your life … all at once.

I’ve learnt some hard lessons, and some incredibly easy ones. So here’s a recap and breakdown of some amazing and shitty places around the globe that I’ve been to, meant for a laugh and a furrowed shaking of the head (and possibly even a wagging of the finger).

This is not one way traffic either. If you’ve been to any of the places described here, comment and share on about your journey and experiences. The insights you have might just get the next reader out of their chair and on the next plane!

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland