Guatemala Diaries – Day 5

Waking up to the sound of the jungle and rain hitting a tin roof is something else. The day has started off steamy and the feeling of immersion in the Guatemala is real. It’s market day today, and Lanquín is buzzing. It’s a dramatic change from the sleepy (and drunk) town it was yesterday. There’s still a few wobbly hombres today and it’s only 9 am.

Nothing like starting the day with some fried chicken and potatoes to get you ready for a day of relaxing and some long overdue Spanish lessons.

There’s another exodus of guests at El Muro, these goodbyes being a little more final as I won’t be travelling any further south. After some handshakes and hugs, Alex at the front desk recommended El Retiro as a good place to spend some time in the sun.

This was a cluster of bungalow accommodations, with a riverside deck and bar, located just out of town down the main street. Finally I’m able to get that sun I was yearning for back in rainy Caye Caulker.

With my willpower in question and suffering from the severe case of rubbery arms, its time for a couple of beers to go with a dip in the cold and fast running river. I think a couple of weeks of having beers each day is catching up with me, but what the heck. After the clouds encouraged us to head back to the hostel, some Spanish lessons swinging in a hammock. Muy bien.

The hostel is super quiet and to add to that, the power to the town has been cut due to some illegal logging damaging the power supply. Walter informed us there was a posse being organized in town to deal out some vigilante (and permanent to those receiving it) justice. This was also a signal for the local dog population to engage Street Fighter mode. Well alrighty then.

A few people swung by and we had a few more drinks with our hosts and Chapo.

There was a party at The Zephyr Lodge tonight, but all of us that remained opted for beers sitting on the street corner once again.

Just like when you feed a stray or wild animal, you run the risk of them returning looking for another handout. Our little drink friend from the previous night did just that, announcing his arrival with an “aahhhh” and outstretched hand.

He already had a can of his own, but he had a thirst. We didn’t indulge him tonight, but he still decided to take a seat and embrace one of my friends. She was not enjoying it as much as he was, or the rest of us for that matter.

So that’s it for Lanquín. It’s been a fun and relaxing 4 nights, and now it’s time to back track to Flores tomorrow, as I make my way back to Belize. Bring on another 9 hour ride in a van. It could be worse though right? Yes, yes it could.

Follow the links below if you want to catch up on the journey so far, thanks for joining!


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