Guatemala Diaries – Day 4

Yesterday at Semuc Champey was all time. A lot of cuts and bruises but made it out all in one piece. Some fellow travellers will be getting out there today for some fun in the sun. I actually walked past them as they were booking their trip while an insanely drunk local was rolling around on the road. Sunday’s are for drinking, and drinking early.

Not much planned today, its been a big few days of adventure and travel. Leo and Walter (best hostel hosts in the business) invite a couple of us to a pool at a nearby hotel. It’s warm today and having a bunch of kids who’ve just finished school do belly flops for 3 straight hours is just the ticket.

I told myself I would hold off on the beer today, which translated to one at exactly midday. This led to walking around Lanquín, buying cheap cans and just general mooching around, taking in all thr sights this small town in Guatemala has to offer.

There’s not much happening in town today besides heroically drunk local men wobbling up and down the street. I’m not exaggerating one bit. These guys were lit up.

I posted myself on some steps opposite the hostel to get some writing done within range of Wi-Fi, which ended up in a bunch of others coming to hang out. The hostel bar and kitchen were essentially closed, and it was just nice to be in the street watching life go on around us.

A hilarious local drunk guy who was about 4’3″ stopped by to talk to us in high pitched “ahhhhh’s” and held out his hand expectantly in the hopes of finishing the rest of my beer. I didn’t want to disappoint. After he finished, there were clear instructions my unopened can was out of bounds so he left on his merry way.

To be honest, that’s about it for the day. Just wandering around tiny Lanquín, spectating drunk locals and drinking on the street with some hostel buddies. Time for sleep, I’ll catch up with you beautiful people tomorrow.

If you want to catch up on some more photos from the trip and beyond, follow me on Instagram, @traveletcetc


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