Belize Diaries – Day 8 & 9

I’ll blend a couple of days together for this entry as not much was going.

Another rainy and volatile day. Took the kayak out for the sole hour of sun. Perfect timing, Chris, that was quickly jinxed by applying sunscreen after getting back in. My time here at Caye Caulker has run its course.

So far I’ve been booking things like accommodation day by day. There’s still about a week before I have to leave and its time to get a little more adventurous. Everyone that I’ve met on the island is leaving or has already left, and I’m feeling like a little exploration will do just the trick.

Sophie at the hostel front desk sold me a ticket to Flores, Guatemala, by Mundo Maya for Fuente del Norte buses. The bus terminal is conveniently located at the San Pedro water taxi terminal in Belize City, where you’re dropped off after a one hour ride back from Caye Caulker.

An hour of down time and buying up some food for the trip and it’s time to hit the road. The bus was extremely comfortable for the 4-5 cross country trip. The seat cost $45 USD and included a short transfer from Santa Elena to Flores proper.

The border crossing was a breeze, which commanded a $20 USD fee. You’ll probably receive this advice to take care and get the Guatemalan passport stamp. It’s a short walk from the Belizean immigration, but something that can be easily missed and have you illegally entering the country. I personally don’t like unnecessary hassle so I thought I would share.

Belize was convenient as the primary language was English, and US dollars are readily accepted. Although the US dollar is also accepted in Guatemala, it is prudent to hedge your bets and get some of the local currency, as the lady on the corner serving corn might not want to break a $20 note.

I did the most planning of the trip so far when we were dropped off at the Mundo Maya office in Flores. I’m now booked for the 4.30 am bus to Tikal Mayan ruins, an hour and a half away. This bus costs 80 Q, which is the same price offered by Yaxha hostel where I’m staying for around $9 USD a night.

To back up the spontaneity, I’m also heading down to Semuc Champey the day after tomorrow. All that happened next was I unknowingly walked around Flores as it’s quite small, and was almost knocked out by a falling piece of timber as I was waiting for a suspicious looking man to change $60 USD for me at his house.

So, I’ve finally gotten off a beach and into the bush. Stay tuned for a heads on what Tikal and Semuc Champey are all about as we begin the Guatemala Diaries.

Good night everyone, sleep well and see you all tomorrow!

Hasta mañana.


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