Belize Diaries – Day 7

Not really much to share today in the way of adventuring. As a rule so far, the weather has given us respite starting at around mid morning towards the middle of the day. Just some people watching with a lazy beer and coconut to pass the time while watching a girl serve a volleyball into the back of her friends head to start their game.

I’ve booked another night at the hostel, which is essentially empty, for lack of a better idea. Its raining on and off and is actually nice to just laze around and hang out for a bit.

I’ve heard reports that high season here can get hectic, so I’m not all that bothered by the rain. As long as you can make the best of a situation you’ll be alright. This being the case, I’ll take the time to share some important points I’ve learned from the trip so far:

1. Don’t book too far ahead, especially in low season. This leaves you open to having great holiday ideas from other travellers be a possibility. Sometimes its easier said than done, especially if you’ve never been to a place before, but so far, I highly recommend adopting a very near term, if not spontaneous, travel planning.

2. Belize is expensive. Take the time to explore and dial in the cheaper options for everything. This includes food, accommodation, and drink spots. Most of the time the less you spend, the more you’re rewarded.

3. Belize City should be used for the bus terminal and water taxi and nothing else. I wanted to see what the place was all about, and this was the conclusion.

4. Bring at least some US currency with you before you land/arrive. I was aware of this before leaving but it can’t hurt to highlight.

5. Take the time to at least speak to the locals when they approach you. I know you may not need any cocaine right this second, or have just eaten dinner and couldn’t possibly fit in another fresh cooked lobster, but you never know what gems of information you’ll come across. Don’t be that person who just looks at the ground and pretends they’re deaf.

6. Even though it might be prohibitively expensive for some, book a seat on a dive or snorkel trip. Raggamuffin Tours was a great tour operator, leaving everyone smiling and glad they came.

All that being said, beware of advice, especially this advice. The above is what I’ve learned, and everyone needs to come to their own conclusions about what works for them.

So for now I think I’ll just wander the streets with a beer and get some of that all time jerk chicken.

Stay beautiful everyone and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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