Belize Diaries – Day 6

I was smart last night and took the time to rehydrate before bed. There was not much on the cards apart from kayaking around the entire southern portion of Caye Caulker and catching up some people for an NFL game at the sports bar.

After spending a day on a boat snorkelling, it was the first time I needed sunscreen if I was to be adventurous kayaking around the island. The sun was out and I was in no mood for wearing a t-shirt at sea. The hostel, Travellers Palm Backpackers Hostel, had free kayak rental included in the $20 BZD per night fee (as well as free coffee and drinking water).

Side note: I want to say these guys at TPBH are excellent with some of the better hostel accommodations I’ve had to date, especially considering the price. You can look them up easily on Hostelword if you’re thinking of adding Caye Caulker to your itinerary.

Right, back to the story. It was a nice sunny morning when I set off, after having a dog take a shit in the middle of the road while confidently maintaining eye contact. I found out very quickly I did not fully appreciate the size of the island. I started from the western shore working my way south on my circumnavigation.

After fully rounding the Southern part of the island, the rain finally made an appearance, with increasing ferocity as I came north up the eastern shore. I was greeted with a mix of disbelief and encouragement of those that were isolated in the cabanas on the many marinas in this part, as it was now pouring, and the wind was so strong it was whipping up a good bit of swell to make things a little more interesting.


I saw a friendly face as I rounded the Split, the most northern point of the island, the rain abating as I found safe harbour back where I started my journey. All told, it was an interesting 2 hours at sea.


I caught up with the friendly faces at the Lazy Lizard bar for some horse shoe tossing and a reunion with a couple of others I met from the Houston to Belize City flight (see Part 2 to catch up). The NFL match that everyone wanted to watch wasn’t available at the Sports Bar, so we did our best to put a dent in Happy Hour.

A sneaky boat return trip to Ambergris Caye, visiting San Pedro, confirmed that Caye Caulker was the right choice.

I’m happy it was a quick visit, as the weather was poor and transport needed more than your own two bare feet (I actually bought thongs/flip flops just for the journey).

I’ve been playing it day by day so far, and it’s a pretty good system so far. Guatemala is on the horizon, but not before I get a little more sunshine and jerk chicken into my system.

See y’all tomorrow.


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