Belize Diaries – Day 3

The difference 11 hours sleep can make. I was planning on catching the 8 am ferry to Caye Caulker but my current landlord was sleeping so it was to be the 9 am ferry instead. The amount of barbed wire and gated businesses gave the impression people don’t always like paying for goods and belongings aren’t totally reserved for their rightful owner.

My pal at the local store pointed me in the right direction for the Belize Express water taxi as he spied me walking the streets with a lost look in my eye. I was going for the Ocean Ferry express, but took the advice and changed direction. This introduced me to another couple of travellers heading in the same direction.

The girls had just come off a 3 am bus trip from Mexico, but were in pretty good shape considering their journey thus far. This translated to some drinks later on at the Lazy Lizard, located at the split between the islands of Caye Caulker. The weather moved in so it was time for some take away drinks watching the ground soak at the Bellas Backpackers a short walk away.

I love hostels by the way. You meet so many people that are (generally) like minded. Well, except for that strange German guy. Different playing field, and planet. I met up with group of young lads from Perth, Australia, who helped extend the night by a few hours.

It was a stop start night of drinks, something that passed for alcohol but would be better used powering a diesel vehicle, and a pretty early night. Turns out 11 hours sleep wasn’t enough. Or that 10 am beers always catch up with you. Either way, lights out in a sturdy timber bunk bed.

The general consensus is that tomorrow is party time. Everyone should be well rested and ready to let their hair down for a Friday night.

Stay tuned for who gets pink eye next!

If you’ve just tuned in, check out Part 1 and Part 2 to get up to speed.


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