Belize Diaries – Day 2

So after a night of being rocked to sleep from a flimsy bunk bed with an active downstairs occupant, it’s time for an early start and bus back to IAH.

So far my bus skills have needed some work, and we’re only one day in. The comedy continues. After stuffing the rest of last night’s burrito in my face, I make a mad dash to the nearby bus stop as I realise it’s due in about 2 minutes.

My heart rose as I saw it pull up, and wuth a full head of steam bee lining it for the door, my heart sunk just as fast as the bus driver chose not to move her head and carry on with her morning. Hmm. I’ll get the next one.

As I was assessing a need to stop rushing this early into a trip, I realised I didn’t have the right change for two buses anyway. So another mad dash into the nearby bakery for some change had me emerge once again to see my next chariot leaving without me. Hmm.

After figuring my life out and getting to the airport with loads of time to spare, it’s time to hit the friendly skies (United’s words, not mine). After making friends I was able to scam a lift in cab to Belize City which saved me from walking 3 km in the rain to flag down the local bus.

My plans were to stay just one night in Belize City, with my taxi cab companions heading straight for Ambergris Caye. I was kind of jealous I didn’t do the same but all the same it was a good chance to have a wander and meet the locals.

As I attempted to begin writing the first instalment to this series in a small store over a few beers, a local tour guide had just knocked off and gave me the official run down of the entire country.

I said thanks with a bottle of stout and now had a better grip on where exactly I was visiting.

Key points I should have known:

1. English is the official language of Belize.

2. See point 1.

I had started learning Spanish a couple of months before and was looking forward to some immersion. This was not to be while in Belize.

At the very least, I now have a recommendation for a good dive company in Caye Caulker where I’m heading tomorrow, I’ll refrain from using Spanish as to avoid embarrassing myself, and I was pointed in the right direction for some cheap chow mien for dinner.

So it’s time to catch up on some sleep, there’s 12 hours till it’s time to get on a water taxi and into the island life.

Thanks for coming on the journey, I’ll be touching down on Belize’s second largest commercially operated island tomorrow. Time for some chow mien dreams in the meantime.


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