Hiking: Killarney Lake (Bowen Island, CA)

The timeline for writing this is a little out of whack, but I thought it rude not include in the hiking chronicles out of Vancouver. My parents were over for their first visit to Canada, and a less strenuous walk in the wilderness would be a great way to start their trip.

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Killarney Lake

How to get there:

This stroll through the woods starts with a ferry ride on board BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove on Bowen Island. The 257 bus from downtown is an express bus that will get you to the ferry terminal for a couple of bucks, followed by a ferry ride that will leave you out of pocket for around $16 return.

The Killarney Lake loop is an easy going 2 hour round trip, covering 9 kms with minimal elevation gain.

Killarney Lake map

From Snug Cove, walk up the street and take a right at the Bowen Island Library on Cardena Drive. There will be a junction as you head into the foliage, continue straight on. The trail intersects with Miller Road, just beyond the Fish Ladders. Cross the road and continue on the trail marked Hatchery Trail, and at the next 3-way junction, go right towards the path through the open meadow.

Keep an eye on Google maps if you’re wondering where you’re at. It can be easy to get mixed up as there are a few junctions along the way. Best put by Vancouver Trails;

Continue straight through the meadow and across a wooden bridge to another 3-way junction. Go left towards a fork in the trail. Both of these trails lead to Killarney Lake, however follow the trail to the left and later return from the trail on the right.

Killarney Lake.

I had to refer to the website constantly, despite this being an easy journey. I put it down to being concerned at making sure we did not need to do any backtracking, as to save my Dad any unnecessary walking or strain.

Looking in the opposite direction from the previous picture. Time for a food break.

Hot tip for all the sons and daughters out there, don’t let your Dad use a ladder above the age of 50.

We opted to start to the left and follow the loop that way. It’s a very gentle walk through the woods bordering the lake, only gaining any significant elevation once you’re onto the right-hand side after you’ve crossed the wooden bridge at the top of the lake.

Hugging the lake during the walk.

After you have completed the loop you emerge at a gravel road. Take a left here and just a little way up you will have a sign on your right that points you back towards the ferry. You’ll take a slightly different route back, ending up on Miller Road once after after a while, taking the left fork just after the Fish Ladders to get you back to where you started.

That’s a wrap

It was good to get away to somewhere completely new for a change. The ferry ride to Bowen Island offers a spectacular view of Howe Sound, especially on a calm day. The rugged mountains to your right as you depart, over a glassy waters to be greeted by a sea of trees and green when you arrive at Bowen Island.

Departing from Horseshoe Bay. The Sea-to-Sky Highway flanking the mountains on the right. Bowen Island is at a right angle to the left of the picture.

Make a point of grabbing an ice cream and stopping by the Bowen Island Pub to treat yourself to a pint. If that’s not your thing, there are a ton of coffee shops and the like a short distance from the ferry terminal.

Highly recommend if you’re after a little escape from the city and in the mood for a casual excursion. By the time all was said and done, we only had to wait half an hour or so for the next ferry back to the mainland, followed by a quick bus ride on the 257 back to downtown.

Be sure to check out Vancouver Trails if you live in the area to get the low down on all the best hikes in South West British Columbia.

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Happy hiking everyone.


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