A Long Weekend: Vancouver Pride Festival

Image courtesy of: http://thisisblueprint.com

Summer here in Vancouver sees people out and about every weekend, not missing a chance to enjoy the outdoors while the sun is shining and everything is staying dry. This weekend was no different.

Due to the wildfires in the interior of British Columbia, some of the worst on record, there has been a smoke haze over the greater part of South West B.C. This has done nothing to dampen the spirits of all those attending the Vancouver Pride Festival through the long weekend.


The weekend kicked off with the Davie Street Party, a managed event with food, drinks and stages, providing everything you need to get your body moving and start your weekend off right. Due to being in the right place at the right time, you would have found me working a pop-up bar, making sure everyone was staying hydrated. The crowd was in great spirits, and despite confusion of the RFID card pay system, there weren’t that many issues. Well, not with my service anyway.

We’ll chalk that one up to great people skills.

Friends coming by had wild and wonderful reports of the flair on display up and down the street. There was dog leashes and leather masks, more glitter than you could handle, boys in dresses and the most well looked after individuals in terms of personal maintenance. Pretty much what was to be expected.

Not being a member of the LGBTQ2+ community, it was still a great event to have fun and revel in the great atmosphere the street party created.

Lining up for the bars and night clubs after the event was another story.

If you’ve ever been to Canada, and I can only speak for Vancouver so far, the public can’t get enough of lining up. I mean, THEY LOVE IT. The longer the line, the more enticing it seems to join it. Urgh. I have short patience at the best of times, and getting up at 5.30 am for 10 km hike up and down Mount Fromme (post coming soon) followed by an 8 hour blitzkrieg serving drinks, my verbal and social skills were in much need of attention come 1.30 am. Luckily the company I was in had both those skills to see us seated at The Capital, with a waitress whose social skills had also taken a hike.

But that’s OK.

After 2 of the flattest beers that have ever been poured, it was time to wrap up the first day of the long weekend, just missing out on being awake for a full 24 hours.


You know when future you will be mad at present moment you if you don’t get up and do what needs to be done.

Shopping. Done.

Clean the apartment. Done.

Do washing. Done.

Edit hiking video. Done.

Language lessons. Done.

Sleep at the beach park. Done.

Over the last week, Vancouver has been host to the Celebration of Light. This was a fireworks spectacle featuring teams from Canada, Japan and England. Saturday was the finale, and it didn’t disappoint. Neither did the fact that we were able to make our way to a rooftop party to watch the light show.

Roof top vantage point looking towards English Bay


Being of in a state of questionable soundness of body and mind, it was time to get behind the bar again to hydrate the masses at the Sunset Beach Festival. The smoke haze was real and so were the crowds. Masses headed down to join the celebrations at Sunset Beach, alongside Davie Village, to catch the Pride Parade, soaking in the hazy sun and enjoying another Canadian summers day.

After a non-stop spree of pouring drinks and sweat, it was time to throw the towel in and have a can or two ourselves.

Who opened all these extra cans? Well, we can’t let them go to waste.


So busy this was the only photo I took – Sunset Beach Festival aftermath

Two turned into six, then to a backyard house party. Not a bad transition.


And now we reach recovery day.

What better way to spend British Columbia day by the beach throwing a frisbee, playing with dogs, and catching some rays by the beach?

None, that’s what.


In a week of change and transition, this was the perfect way to finish it.

How was everybody’s weekend as we approach another one?


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