How 2 weeks turned in 2 years – Part 2

If you’re wondering, does this mean there was a Part 1? You’re damn right! Take a deep breath and click here!


Lightning Recap: R&R, negotiating taxi fares, late night, turning down paid for sex, sweaty and greasy, un-massaged, new friends, hostel pools, crammed cabs, dance floor squats, tequila, sunsets, cold beers.

Right, all caught up


To the driver of our van shuttle:

“I don’t think this many people should be in one vehicle. What? It’s this or sleep in the bushes? Fine. One hour of imitating sardines will have to do.”

After feeling relieved that we got back to the Seminyak in one piece, we wound down the night in the raised pagoda at the hostel. This was great to finish off a night of dance floor squats and beer stains, sitting on the cushions chatting and sipping on some longnecks (of beer). I’d lucked into hanging out with a bunch of great people from all corners of the globe. There were discussions that ranged from the extremely shallow to the terrifyingly deep, and it was great to delve into the minds and opinions of people from different cultures and foreign lands.

You done good alcohol, it’s about time.

After getting to the bottom of the meaning of life, everyone eventually retires for the evening (read: morning) and it’s just me left with the one who has the flattering bikini. Things are looking good. There was  a hilarious interruption from someone who had failed to buy water before bed and was slowly starting to freak out, but all in all, it was a great night out followed by one of those deep, alcohol induced sleeps.  Waking up at 11 AM was an entirely inappropriate time to be conscious. In fact, it was straight up preposterous.

Solution: tequila by the beach

There’s nothing like putting off headaches and hangovers with the hair of the dog, especially when the conversation is wilting and needs a little bit of pep. There was nothing planned for the day anyhow, and I’d take backing up a night out over wallowing in bed any day (see downsides of hostel hangovers).

Tequila has a gravitational pull of it’s own, just the mere mention of our order to the waitress entices a nearby couple to join, and lunch soon turns to dinner.

After the exertions of last night, we succumb to the siren song of our beds and zig zag our way back to get some rest.

It’s a sensible choice to retire as we have a shuttle bus (tiny van) to catch in the morning. If you’ve ever been hungover, dehydrated and sleep deprived in South East Asia, you want to give yourself at least a slim chance of surviving any location changes without introducing yourself to follow travelers by vomiting in their laps, asking for the last sip of their water, all the while apologizing profusely.

Don’t expect to be added on Facebook if this was your strategy.

Thanks for the memories

As with most travel in hostels, the meetings with others are short, fast, loud, and generally conclude with many going their separate ways. The majority of our little social circle decides on a group trip to Gili Trawagan off the island of Lombok, while I have decided on Ubud to see somewhere new and get close to a couple of monkeys. I have a couple of people that decide to tag along and that lovely young lady in the flattering bikini will follow a day after.

Hold on to your handbag – Ubud, Indonesia 2015

After what feels like an eternity in another vehicle that is not meant for eight people that have legs, my knees stop short of exploding as we exit in the jungle paradise that is Ubud. I left my yoga mat at home, but I will get by with a scooter, a brimming gas tank and signing up for a “whitewater” adventure in the morning.

A light warm up dragging this thing around – Somewhere outside Ubud, 2015

The water was not white, but it was a great way to meet some new people and work on jumping up and down as we were snagged on rocks in steady 2 minute intervals. After working out all the tequila from the past couple of days jumping our boat off the rocks, it’s great to sit back and just chill for a bit once back at the hostel. There’s a sweet vibe at this hostel, and looks less likely to escalate into a night out. I am completely fine with this. As long as the single fan in the dorm room doesn’t break, I think I’m guaranteed a restful, recharging sleep.

Did I mention I’m climbing a mountain soon? Oh yeah!


After neglecting to add that fine young female on Facebook before leaving, I’m relieved when I spy her at the hostel bar as I return from a day of scooter adventures.

“So, you wanna climb a mountain tomorrow? The pick up is at 2 AM and it’s only a 6 hour trek up and back. YES!? Perfect.”

Travel tip # 2: sleep before doing the above

So while ignoring the above advice, we got to know each other more intimately than we thought possible in the space of just a few days. Oh, the joys of travel. After some ill advised pre-hike drink mixes (supposedly “healthy”), upset stomachs, emergency road side pit stops, and 2 hours later we reach base camp. Turns out it is not recommended to hike a mountain in flip flops, so borrowing a pair of boots 2 sizes too small will have to do.

2015-02-12 07.11.12
Mount Batur, Bali

We made it to the summit and back. It was awkward, tiring, exciting, tiring again, and as I watched my nails take their leave of my toes, I was glad.

Glad I hiked a mountain. Glad I shared the experience. Glad I found someone who I could be myself with through pain, discomfort and a volatile stomach, and her the same.

I think it’s time for a rest by the sea don’t you think?


To be continued …


Thank you for reading this far again! That thirst for adventure is still insatiable. Make sure you stay tuned for the next part of story.

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