Planting the seed for the next adventure

There’s been many a time, after staying put for longer than usual, that the thought of taking a holiday or extended adventure just seems far too remote and an unlikely possibility in the near future (for God’s sake, say it isn’t so!). I know, what a sad thought. Not having something to look forward to tends to blur the days together and the pages are falling off the calendar without you noticing. What it’s August already?? Last time I checked it was Tuesday. Fuck.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing those homebodies that would rather chill in their hometown for months (years, shudder) on end. OK, a little bit of bashing. Perhaps caressing? Where was I…  Ah yes. There’s something invigorating about having that trip to look forward to. I’ve seen Facebook countdowns to holidays with the ticker starting in the hundreds of days.


Even if that is too long for me to handle, it shows that at some point, the seed was planted for brainstorming and booking a getaway. That’s all it takes. That initial conversation with yourself, your significant other, your friends, is enough to scrape away a little top soil and nestle that seed of adventure snuggly in the earth. Now it’s time to water that bitch! Whoa, easy tiger. Metaphors aside, this is rather topical for me as this happened very recently.

I moved to Canada with my girlfriend around 8 months ago, and had an amazing winter with more snow than I could handle (just kidding, it was the perfect amount). This kept me busy and I was having the time of my life. Mix in a little bit of chopping and changing of employment status, and I find myself in a office with permanent job and 3 weeks vacation time per year. For those that have permanent jobs, the prioritization of how you will spend your precious vacation days is of the utmost importance.

You will not see me taking vacation days relaxing on the couch at home,


I didn’t see much on the horizon in terms of vacations or adventures. Where to go? What to do? Enter Ella. A simple conversation about places we haven’t been to and where we might like to go next turned into a brainstorm session that was the catalyst to immediate reservation of vacation time (the entire 3 weeks in one go) and airline tickets in our inbox. And it all started from an innocent conversation one evening over Brooklyn 99 and pickles and peanut butter (it’s not weird, it’s delicious!).


I can’t stress enough how important that first conversation or brainstorm session is. Lots of people have families, jobs, and obligations that can make it difficult to even think of taking time off to play in the sun in a faraway land, let alone afford it. A wise person once said,

“don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”

Are there any wiser words?

Us humans have incredible powers that help us find solutions to the myriad challenges that life has in store for us, so do not underestimate your abilities at budgeting, scrounging, cajoling, calling in favours, pleading, demanding, planning, and most importantly, executing. You just need to take the plunge down the rabbit-hole and see where it leads you. If it leads you to the couch for a Netflix binge, well, you gave it a shot. If that’s your thing, then mark that down in the win column. When you find yourself being eye balled by a turtle as you snorkel lazily over a reef, you will be glad you put your problem solving skills to work.

Hey mate! – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia – 2016


Although my first time to Central America is still some months away, I’m unbelievably happy that my girlfriend and I had that initial conversation. If anyone has any insights or recommendations for Belize, I would love to hear it.

That said …

Happy planting everyone.


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