Standing out from the crowd

How do you show your face to the world, especially when you’re faced with different situations and in front of different and unfamiliar people? Are you beast mode extrovert? Or perhaps an introvert that does an excellent impression of a piece of furniture? You probably wear the same face no matter where you are or who you’re with. But do you though? I’ll be honest, as part of a survival strategy when I was growing up, I adapted to each new environment in the attempts at fitting in and drawing the maximum I could from any situation. This is not to say I excelled, but it was necessary for myself to survive to changing situations that were out of my normal capacity to handle or control. That’s my story though. What’s yours?

Look I’ll be honest, this is something that is incredibly relevant to me, and I’m predicting from the outset of this piece, that the spotlight will be squarely on my experience, as I can’t speak for others. This is something that you can’t always tell from the outside looking in with others. Maybe it’s just me, maybe not. Fuck it, let’s see where this takes us.


I’ve mentioned in one of my first posts, Just a thought.., about being uprooted and transplanted to a new country during my formative years. Trying to fit in was difficult. I adjusted, I learned. Not that I was good at it, but it was something that sparked a survival instinct. As I’ve gotten older and have moved around a little more, my self awareness has increased. Every time I move to a new place, meet new people, I’m keenly aware of my outward reactions and appearances as I mold myself to my new surroundings.

It’s true that there is safety in the herd, and if you stick your neck out far enough, there is always the opportunity for someone to take a swing at it. And there sure are some people out there that love wielding that axe. It’s not that I want safety for fear someone will poke fun (OK, that is a little fear actually), but adapting helps me adjust to the new environment so much more than attempting to bulldoze people with my personality before I’ve taken stock of the current social climate. I’ve always like to read the situation first, then if the mood is right, skoll a beer and turn it up to 11.

Would you consider yourself a bulldozer, daisy cutter (read axe wielder) or voyeur? Not all roads lead to Rome and it’s more than OK to try out many different paths and see what fits, what feels comfortable, what serves you best.

I was watching a Lewis Howes podcast recently where he interviewed Vanessa Van Edwards on personality types and I found it intriguing (note: I’m a massive fan of Lewis Howes so please take a moment to check out all he has to offer). We all know of introverts and extroverts, which are seen as polar opposites with a lot of grey area between. The category of ambi-verts really struck a cord and takes us straight back to this notion of adapting to your current social situation and how you respond to it. It’s swinging between volume 11 and being next to silent while having a dabble in the middle just for fun. Do you think this is something you identify with more rather than pigeon-holing yourself at either end of the spectrum?

You’ll notice people that keep to one end of the spectrum or other in personality types, but it’s curious to think if this is really them, or how they are adapting to their current environment. I think we’ve all got a dash of chameleon (or squid) in us, whether we choose to accept it or not.

It’s probably even better when you don’t identify with a label at all and instead just be yourself, however you choose to swing.


Thanks for having a read, hopefully you found something relevant and interesting in this short piece. Please visit my social media page to come say hi. I love communication, love collaboration. Let’s be friends!

Happy travels my reptile friends.






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