A different kind of hanging out

I’m a recent massive fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, and in his interviews there is always tips and advice related to health and exercise. These are mostly centered around jujitsu and MMA, but the lessons are easily translated into everyday routines. One beneficial thing I have recently incorporated into my daily exercise routine is HANGING. Not with my friends, not with family, with my own two (inferior grip strength) arms. Mr Rogan goes on to extol the virtues and benefits of just hanging there which include but not limited to;

  • helping to realign your back and and therefore your posture
  • a fantastic stretch of arms, shoulders and back
  • (and a weakness for myself) increasing grip strength

Holy shit. I think I’m onto something, thank you Joe.

I started off slow, with hanging between sets to help stretch, until my grip was waning and decided to let go and continue with my sets. I’ve increased it to hanging freely for at least a minute at any one point in the middle my daily workout at the gym. The burn in the forearms was real after I got to that first minute. It was a good burn though, and left me wanting more.

If you do this at the the gym and are facing a mirror, take a moment to just observe how your body hangs. I was surprised to see my alignment was off-center, one shoulder positioned lower than the other. I’ve seen this alignment dramatically improve after only a few weeks since including this hanging regimen into my daily routine. The major flow on effects for myself were reduced discomfort in the lower back, something that is constantly troubling me and is an absolute nightmare when it really gets flared up.

 Time to execute

Alright, less talk, more action.

  • Ideally start with a horizontal bar (that can bear load) around the height of your outstretched arms to reduce the chance of injury when dropping
  • grip the bar, arms around shoulder width apart, palms facing away from your body
  • depending on your strength, you can keep you toes lightly touching the ground to support yourself, or cross your legs behind you
  • ensure you hang vertically
  • gradually increase your hang time, your first goal is hanging for a minute
  • once finished, give yourself a crisp high five because it’s harder than it looks



I mix it up with palm directions (inwards and outwards) and generally I hang as much as I can between sets (see lower back relief). If you’re traveling a lot or have a desk job, it’s an easy way to straighten out after being confined to a seat for hours on end.

So there’s never been a better time to hang out, and you can do this almost anywhere, so give it a shot and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback. Please like and share if you found this helpful.

Happy hanging.


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