I’ll be honest, the name for this website does not inspire me with confidence. It could only be worse if there were a couple of ‘z’s’ in the title. Luckily for me (and you) this site has to more to it than just a cheesy title. Like my other favourite travel website, Adioso, this website has numerous filters and preferences that you can use to tailor your search for the perfect flight with the best value for money.

A lot of my Adioso searches were directed through CheapOair, which I used when living in Australia. What I’ve found since moving to Canada though, is that CheapOair is preferable to use when booking flights out of North America. At time of writing, I booked tickets from Vancouver to Belize at prices far cheaper than those offered  by the website giant, Expedia, for example.

Take a look, check it out. If you’re booking from outside Canada/US, the prices will be charged in these currencies (depending on which domain you select), but there is a converter for the page so you don’t have to do any mental arithmetic and can focus on the important things, like booking holidays.


Happy Travels.


5 thoughts on “CheapOair

  1. Hey nice post, I just checked out the website but I think sky scanner brings me cheaper results if I’m honest, not sure why though?


      1. No worries 🙂 I hope you’ve managed to find some good deals. I also found an app called ‘hopper’ on the App Store which looked really promising, it was a flight tracking app which tracked prices and the best deals etc. Beautiful design and was really easy to use the only thing it took FOREVER to load so I immediately uninstalled it, maybe it was just having server issues or something but I wasn’t impressed.

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