Motivation Monday

This morning was a difficult one. I’m generally up and about before 6 am every day, whether it’s a week day or weekend. Today was a little harder, coming off a day drinking beer and putting in the kilometers on foot walking around the city. It was a sunny day and there was no way I was missing out on getting some Vitamin D that isn’t taken orally. Fast forward to this morning and I was not feeling it and the Xbox was not making things any easier. The motivation just wasn’t there but I knew I’d feel better once I got up and moving.

Before every workout I take a pre-workout supplement drink that I’ve found over the years has dialed in my focus like nothing else. Taking it is a mental cue that the workout will happen no matter what, regardless of the quantity of beer that I drank the day before. In the past when I relied only on my mental fortitude and the expectation that this exercise would get me in shape, and I noticed how I would constantly leave early and not put the 100% that I owed myself. Needless to say the results weren’t forthcoming and it was rather frustrating not getting any return on the gym membership. Whether the supplement improves my workout capacity is not what I’m concerned about, it’s the fact that it guarantees I will swipe in at the gym and put in a full session.

In the interest of showing I’m not completely full of shit, these photos below are 7 years, thousands of kilometers and many exercises apart. I’m not one to post these sort of photos (the below one was for the girlfriend I’ll have you know!),  but if it helps get you off the couch, then it was worth it.

Croatia 2009
Camp life @ Barrow Island 2016


So what’s been holding you back from putting in the work? Is it excuses that you are too tired, don’t have enough time, or don’t know where to start? Is there a routine or supplement that gets you going? Or is the promise of a better you motivation enough?

I know I won’t be getting a modeling contract any time soon but I am thankful I found a routine that helps me get after it. If you put in the work the results will come. Be patient, stay the course and reap the benefits.

Happy Monday.




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