I’m sorry sir, but you suffer from a serious case of FOMO

It’s not in medical journals and (probably) won’t lead to cancerous growths or shortened life expectancy. Physical manifestations in the patient express themselves as anxiety, excessive phone usage, and a propensity for always saying yes no matter the occasion or consequences. The fact that you have work the next day is a non issue, rubbing two coins together produces a bag of wine and change from the transaction, and that oath you took to take it easy for just one week is forgotten just as quickly as the oath was made. The condition inspires a heightened degree of socialization, an adeptness at improvisation, and a juggling of finances that would make a hardened street performer blush.

For better or worse, the individual is beholden to the condition at the expense of common sense and a good nights rest.  The fact that you have no holidays owing to you doesn’t factor, quitting is the obvious option. We’re now expected to average 10.8 jobs before we’re 42. That will work just fine, variety is the spice of life after all. As previously mentioned, the growth and problem solving skills that come from creative budgeting, sacrifice of personal comfort and general over-extension are important lessons that are not generally not taught in classrooms, but learned through the situation and circumstance you put yourself in.

In the interest of creating contrast, I will consider most of the discomfort and reduced income as downside. Let us now focus on the upside.



More fun.

Sure I like to get at least 8 hours of lights out and a certain amount of job security relieves anxiety about my well-being in the future, but if there is a meaning to life, the meaning I’m making for myself is to have an inordinate amount of fun. Fun is a catalyst. Fun is an introduction. Fun is a way of life. Most importantly, have fun for you. For a time, mine was predominately captured through a lens. Preserving memories is important, but if Snapchat captures more moments than your optic nerve, you’re cheating yourself on the greatest gifts of life. This is a symptom of a society shackled to social media and smart phones. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can now connect to WiFi without having to open a laptop and look for a power outlet. I equally love being able to capture more that 20 photos, all in high definition, on a single device without having to upload to the internet to create more space to capture more memories.  There is a limit though.

I like to rant about this technology fixation we suffer collectively as a society, pretend that I’m above it (I know that I’m a slave), but as I think now, this ability to capture everything around us is what extended sun exposure is to the British tourist. Irresistible. Painful. And a lesson that baby oil was a poor choice to break in that base tan. To those susceptible to FOMO, the videos and photos that we share with the world are an inspiration and motivation for others to leave comfort and embrace the unknown. It’s a friendly prod in the direction of self reliance and self discovery. It’s a window to what is possible if we are willing to take the leap and securely type in our credit card details.

Take a moment to think. Has there been trips that you’ve seen friends on, and they were doing such amazing things you instantly reevaluated all your life choices up until now, and were left wondering why you didn’t piss away hundreds on buying useless shit that you don’t need or use or eating out instead of making lunch for work? Money that could have put you front and centre of all the action thousands of miles from home, making memories and friendships that would span a lifetime.

You sir/madam, have a severe case of FOMO. And that’s ok, welcome to the club.

Your current finances can be inhibiting and security of your future can be a serious factor, but it’s ok to give in every now and then and take the chance. You never know what opportunities lay ahead, so let fear of the unknown give way to excitement for the possible.

Do you give in to temptation? Do want to be part of any and every event and adventure? Or is there always an excuse to defer, prolong or deny a chance to get away and do something different, to do something adventurous, to do something FUN?


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