High Knees

Another easy and effective exercise that needs very little space and no special equipment is High Knees. This is amazing as both a warm-up exercise and mixed in with another exercise (like burpees for example) to keep your heart rate firing, improve your range of movement and compliment any HIIT routine.

I like it especially for leg conditioning for board sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. It lets your hip flexors know what’s up, so you’re ready to hit the park and streets at a moments notice. Just as long as you strap on your gnarly boots, you’re good to go.

At the very least, as mentioned in the YouTube link, any movement is good movement. So if you’ve been sitting on a plane for hours on end, or like me lately, played Battlefield 1 for far too many hours in one session, it’s great to get your legs moving again and encourage you to do something more productive with your time.

Jump to it.






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