The under-rated Power adapter


I will admit, I am forever purchasing plug adapters every second time I head for an overseas destination. Try as I might to keep them in one place, I’m always missing the one I need when it’s time to step out the door. Just as many times I take the wrong power adapter and am left with the equivalent of a square object for a round hole. Binge watching Archer on the tablet will just have to wait. On a trip to Sapporo, Japan some years ago while cruising a technology stuffed mall, I found the holy grail when it comes to power adaptability. Meet the 4 in 1 travel adapter.


Travel adapter

This beast, as long as you remember where you put it from the last trip, means you don’t have to carry around a bag of assorted adapters again, never mind being price gouged when you remember what you’ve forgotten at the airport. I’ve cherry picked from the below too many times.

Travel adapters

There are many varieties to choose from for the 4 in 1 adapters, I’ve just highlighted an example in the link on the picture. If you’re someone who is constantly has to prioritise which gadget to plug in, I suggest you look at investing in a power board from your home country as well. At the very least, you will meet a lot of other travelers from your home country looking to get a sneaky charge in.

Stay charged.


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