All and Sundry Utility Pouch – by Crumpler

all and sundry

My brother in law got this for me a few years ago, and I actually had to look this up and see what it’s intended purpose was for. It’s listed as a carry pouch for laptop cables and accessories, but I found it excellent for carrying my travel documents and the numerous currencies you tend to accumulate on extended adventures. There are two areas separated by a divider in the center, perfect for separating travels documents with everyday go to items like bank cards, currency, and in my case, keys for my bag locks. It can be folded and buttoned together to give it a lower profile, and the size and construction material is such that there is room enough to hold everything while being durable and secure. So if you need something for laptop of accessories, or in my case, travel documents and currency, I highly recommend this product or something similar.


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