Just a thought..

This might not be obvious to you right now and it certainly wasn’t for me in the past. The question, or rather questions are; what are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing the most? What couldn’t you imagine not doing at this present moment?

Once you’ve thought of what this might be, now think about how your life might have turned out if you didn’t have this thing you are most passionate about in your life. Let’s say your passion was a sport. You played this sport every year, every season, every weekend. Now remove this from your life and think of the experiences you would have missed, the people you wouldn’t have met and the enjoyment and fulfillment that was forever kept at arms length in ignorance. This doesn’t have to be as dramatic as it sounds but it is supposed to make you think.

When I think about these questions and how and they relate to my life, without this passion, my life would have turned out very very differently.

I’ve recently come to terms with travel being my passion. That’s not to say I’ve gone to an exotic location once, “discovered myself” and can’t help but tell everyone about my enlightenment. I’ve traveled on and off for the past 10 years, from getaways for the week to world trips lasting a year. Travel doesn’t just have to be about holidays. Travel can be moving someone where new to follow work opportunities, or simply the desire to live in a different setting. Travel is the best way to change it up and in my case, tap into that appreciation of where you are every single day.

I begun my travel journey when I moved from New Zealand to Australia at the tender age of 13. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this gave me a certain comfortability with living in a different place than to what I was used to. That’s not to say it was easy, but it was an important first step to how I viewed travel later in life.

Fast forward to the age of 20, summer break from University is approaching, and I have the opportunity to join my friends on a world trip. Do I, a) wish my friend’s well on their trip and do the sensible thing and participate in an internship to further my education, or b) throw caution to the wind and go on a whirlwind 3 month adventure? Thanks to my best mate, Option B was the winner. A couple of years down the track, I was lucky enough to have a couple of mates planning a snowboarding trip to Canada, which I bullied them to turning into a world trip, which I joined them on and traveled to around 40 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. If you couldn’t think of your passion before, does anything now come to mind?

Just thinking about where I’ve been able to go, I still find it tame when I compare it to some of the things people I know have done. I have some friends who have done crazy things like buying motorcycles and riding across Mongolia and making it home in one piece, friends who have only had a couple of thousand dollars to their name but somehow pulled off a world trip, and others who have been cashed up to the eyeballs and just lived it large wherever they went and had the time of their lives. I’m envious of them in the best possible way!

What we all have in common, I believe, is the experiences and personal encounters that only travel can give to a person. There is something about travel that opens you up to new people, to new experiences and enriches your life in a very unique way.

Like I said, just a thought.


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